Learn to respect others–Conversation project

•What is the most important factor in any relationship ?

Love? Space? Communication? or something else. Everyone would have their own answers for that question.However, I believed that the respect is the basic thing for any relationship in our daily life.


On October 11th, Alexandra and Dominic showed us the first project brief which aim to visualise conversations. We were divided by different group with 3-4classmates, we needed to record the conversation in immediate environment with LCC.


It’s my first time to work with Gorky and Oscar for this project, We have a very short discuss in the class. Gorky had the divergence of the way we visualised the conversation with me. He wanted to make a physical poster which includes the dialogues, I preferred to make a short film which change the words to images. I wanted to describe the scene that conversation happened, and make it dramatic. We decided to make both media and to make our project multicultural, then we went to in front of the building to record the conversations from people.

Recording Process

• 1st Record

It’s a big windy day, the most of recordings are noisy and unclear. There is an idea came to my mind, I realised that I use that contrast to make some interesting things. I still started to record outside of the building, and I walk into the door as normal, when the security system rang. Then I went to the library, the noisy was decreasing gradually till the only thing I can be heard is typing.

  • 1st Analysis

  • When I heard the recordings, I am surprised with the contrast between the noisy and silent. The sound has huge different in that short distance, the ringing sound of the security system like a boundary to separate two different environment. I thought that recording could metaphor for the two different life style, some people has competitive streak, but some people like to have a calm life.
  • 2nd Record
  • I bring my recordings back to class, Gorky also shows to me his recording. It’s a conversation which talked by two women, there was a girl who complained to her friends about her boyfriend treat her disrespect. She had enough of his behaviour, she wanted to stop their relationship.

(Gorkey’s note for the conversation)

  • 2nd Analysis

  • We did record the whole conversation but some parts were not clear. The part that we were hundred percent sure is the following.
  • I was shocked to hear Gorkem’s recording, I can’t believe that disrespect thing would be happened around me. Even though I don’t know that girl, as a stranger I want to tell her to leave the guy who treat her like animal. We all have different lifestyle with others, I can not give a judgement to a stranger, but we need to respect everyone around us.
  • After we heard all the recordings we got, we decide to mix these two recordings and put“Respect” for our topic.

Visualise the Conversation


Before I decide to chose a medium way to visualise the conversation, I watched all examples from brief. I realised the most of them used to the key words and marks to visualise conversations.

•Reflection for the examples

For a native speaker, it’s a little bit hard to me the information from these videos.

I asked myself, can I use images to tell a short story by the conversation. I played the recording over and over, I discovered to pick the clear part and the rang of security system to mix together. In my story, the conversation became the psychological activity of the character and background music when they break up. This story talked about there is a couple, the man always treated his girlfriend like a dog, even brings dangers weapon with him. His girlfriend had enough on his disrespect in one day, then she decided to leave him away. In the end of the story, the man only had a real dog to accompany with him in the jail.

I did not want to make this story so complicated and over heavy, because I only have five days work on it. It was hard to find actors, areas, and the staff to film in that time, I want to face a challenge for myself, I decided to tell this story by animation.

•Animation and Edited practical process

It’s my first time to make an animation, I am not a people could draw very well. I should thank for the development of technology, there are two software called motion and Final Cut Pro. I could use some of character template from that, but it still had huge amount of works need to do for the light design, character move, sound design and the scene design.

•This project focused on the conversation, I mixed our recording in first step.

I break down the two whole recordings to different clips, and I mixed them in 30 seconds through the outline of the story. I also add some background sounds and to use noise reduction to make that sound like reality. 

  • 2nd steps–Making characters

The character is so sample in the software, so I bring it to Motion and add the new haircut, a variety of clothes and some Props. I wanted to create some objects which could have deeper meaning for this animation, like guns, dogs, and the background all is telling stories.

  • Finally— Editing and title

  • The last step is the hardest one, I needed to put all of the factors together in a time line and make the charter to be live. I wanted to make the scenes be real, I also add different digital lights to it.
  • Analysis 
  • During the editing, I met many problems need to be solved. Which like recording can not match perfect with the images, the light design doesn’t not make sense and the character moving is so strange. I checked every single frame over and over, and try to make it look better.

–  Outcome

(Final animation)

(Final Poster)

-What I learned and what I need to work in the future

• I feel proud to myself and my teammates for the outcome of conversation brief, I also saw a lot of great works from other group. I realised there are many ways to visualise things, and more important is to have critical thinking in my mind.

• The reason I did not choose to use camera shooting videos, because I wanted to try different things and left out of my comfort zone. Although I met many issues, I fixed it and to analysis the process, I will have a better animation in the future. During this process, I realised that a constant story is not important film, it works in any kind of medium ways to tell stories to audience. I will also study to draw the characters by myself, instead of the characters in the software.

•  In the meantime, the project reminds me to respect everyone in anytime. I believed that will make me be welcome from everyone in my life.


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